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Miriam Poggio design is a full concierge service. Which may include 

  • Staging

  • Cosmetic renovations

  • Interior & exterior painting

  • Kitchen & bathroom improvements

  • Roofing repair

  • Electrical 

  • City Permits, plans & Renders,

  • Moving services, 

  • And much more.

In recent years, as the cultural appetite for interior design has increased, the relationship has gone from a friendly handshake to a warm embrace, said Miriam."

When Miriam working with clients, it’s extremely helpful to get an idea of their aesthetic, and when she is in charge of the renovation and design she doesn't forget the most important points in Real Estate Miriam designs for a diverse group of clients and companies. She has guided many hotels, restaurants, private yachts, and private clients towards their design fantasies. The role of the real estate agent and interior designer may seem worlds apart. However, real estate interior design is increasingly recognized as an essential part of the property market, and a bonus when it comes to hiring new talent. Reliability, empathy and astuteness are the fundamentals for any recipe of success. With Miriam the final dish is excellent. "The more inspiration the better. It's part of the Fun.”

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